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The famous stylist Coco Chanel once told that she kept on losing her hand bags, so she sewed a band on them in order to be able to carry them on her shoulder. Nowadays a woman’s bag is “a secret source of power”. There are actually lots of dark and dangerous secrets in there of which it’s better men won’t be aware of. For a woman her own bag is a Lost Property Office and a Rediscovered Property Office at the same time! A bag is a “one never knows” and a “it could be useful” territory; a prairie full of good intentions, hopes, projects. And that’s what I have done, I created the shopper bag so that it can hold everything the daily life requires: playing tennis, going to the swimming pool, in your free time, or to hold books or notebooks, why not? Made completely in cotton. Washable in the washing machine at 40° degrees. Hand-sewn in Florence, Italy. Each of them is unique! The internal lining makes it durable and resistant. You will also find an internal pocket. The straps are long and comfortable, designed for a pleasant carriage. Size: Bag 36,5 cm x 48,5 cm circa Handles 67 cm circa Internal pocket 25 cm x 21 cm (Measures may vary because they are hand-made products)

Made completely in cotton.


Washable in the washing machine at 40° degrees.

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