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Have you ever guess why there is the tradition to pin up a coloured stocking on the fireplace or at the door the night before Christmas or during Epiphany? According to a German tale, at Christmas night there was the custom for the poor to leave their shoes outdoor, so that the rich could put inside them money or other gifts for the disadvantaged. We can only guess if the tradition of pinning up the stocking comes from that old custom, because the tales considered its origin are numerous. Anyway, nobody renounces this habit which is characteristic of Christmas night and specially of Epiphany. The children are awaiting gifts from Santa Claus and from the Befana (traditional old woman who carry gifts and candies for the children during Epiphany). In this way that stocking becomes the symbol of this holiday! Indulge yourselves to choose among the Christmas stockings shown on our website! Choose the most beautiful to pin it up at the door or at your fireplace! We offer you various samples of them: traditional, coloured, with Christmas-time decorations, elegant, large or little… which one will you prefere? It is an embarrassment of riches! and it’ll be a nice, durable and useful present that will remain with your for many future holiday. Made 100% cotton and washable in washing machine at 40°.

Measures: approximately 35cm x 15cm.

Measures can vary because they are hand-made and hand-sewn.

Each of them is unique!

Made in Florence, Italy.