About : 100% BIRBE

Prodotti per bambini fatti a mano con amore

About : 100% BIRBE

100% Birbe is an idea born in 2010 in Florence from me, Costanza!

I needed to create something unique and different, to give life to different objects, rare, difficult to find, to make original people and children who own them.

All products marked 100%  Birbe are handcrafted and are unique pieces.

I make them in my laboratory where I spend a lot of time studying and experimenting with new ideas; in fact each one is the result of a carefully made study of  fabrics, colors and materials aimed at expressing and giving value to Made in Italy.

Every product I create for both the Florence store and the site are always unique pieces, what you will find on the site, you will not find it in the store and opposite.

Come and see me in Borgo Ognissanti 2r in Florence or put “Like” on my Facebook page 100% Birbe or follow me on instagram 100x100birbe to stay up to date on news!

Is there something you like? Do you want to personaize something? Write me a private message on Facebook, send me an e-mail to info@100birbe.com or use the contact form on the website!